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Avenova Could Be a Game Changer

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Treating itchy, irritated eyes is often an unfortunate practice of trial and error. What works for one person won’t always work for another, and although certain proven treatments can clear up symptoms, they might also succeed in causing other problems.

For patients with more serious conditions like blepharitis, a difficult-to-treat and often chronic irritation that affects the eyes, treatment for the eyelids and lashes is often a constant struggle.

That’s why this new eyelid and lash cleanser could be a game changer.

Avenova™ by NovaBay could be the breakthrough product needed to offer patients daily lid hygiene for difficult, chronic conditions like MGD, dry eye, and blepharitis.

The NovaBay Pharmaceuticals product, Avenova is marketed as a safe, effective bottled liquid cleanser intended for use in a once or twice daily eyelid and eyelash hygiene routine.

Using a stable solution of 0.01% pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in saline — a solution branded as Neutrox™ — Avenova is a part of a lid hygiene regimen for chronic conditions like blepharitis and dry eye. It’s also perfectly safe for contact lenses wearers or patients seeking good lid hygiene who don’t suffer from any specific condition.

It’s the only eye care product that contains Neutrox; laboratory tests have established that this pure form of HOCl in solution neutralizes bacterial toxins and kills a wide spectrum of microorganisms without mammalian cell toxicity.

Previously called NovaBay i-Lid Cleanser, Avenova is unique from many other eye care treatments. It is fast-acting and won’t dry out eyes like many other treatments such as baby shampoo. In addition, surfactant-containing products can be harmful to the tear film. Avenova’s elegant solution avoids this issue.

Treatments of baby shampoo and hot water, applied through an over-the-counter eye dropper and used in conjunction with hot compresses several times a day, are inexpensive and can be effective in eliminating symptoms of blepharitis. However, they also pose a risk of producing overly dry eyes. Plus, they require several treatments each day, an often inconvenient routine for many patients to follow.

The medicinal benefits of using hypochlorous acid have been studied for nearly 30 years, but making it safe to use on the skin around the eye isn’t easy. Previous cleansers that use it combine HOCl with other active ingredients, like bleach, which come with their own side effects.

Avenova™ with Neutrox™ is unique in its use of pure HOCl. Based in Emeryville, California, NovaBay has managed to solve manufacturing problems experienced by other companies associated with maintaining a stable form of pure HOCl for safe use as an eyelid and lash cleanser.

The solution is packaged in a glass bottle with a spray top, allowing application to the lids and lashes with a cotton pad. It can be used to scrub and clean the lashes and lid surface, leaving patients with what has been described as a refreshing feeling after use.

The active ingredient, HOCl, is naturally produced by neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that forms an essential part of the innate immune system. In response to pathogenic organisms, lab studies show that it can kill bacteria, block bacterial derived toxins and blunt the effects of human cell derived pro-inflammatory mediators.

Avenova with Neutrox, (retail- ing for $30 for a 40 mL bottle) is available by prescription only. Many eye doctors carry the product in their offices, however it is also available online at www.avenova.com and through most retail pharmacies.

Julie Lam, OD
Eye Care North

For more information about Avenova,
visit www.avenova.com,
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